Our environment

In a secondary foothills of the Iberian mountains, crossed by rivers Turia and Tuéjar, it constitutes one very hight ecological value in the Valencian Countryside.

Tradition and Welfare

With settlements dating about Bronze Age, their Population Chart was certificied by 1370 when Pedro IV of Aragon ordered the repopulation of the territory.

Culture and Leisure

El Azud: Tuéjar river begin his course of pure and crystalline waters, going into remote sides, as the cave paintings of Corrales de Silla.

Increasing Activity

A splendid agricultural development, once upstaged 80s inflection, dryland vineyards, olive and almond trees, and livestock increasing, pointing an incremental profile of the local economy.

Ecological Commitment

Our local life is connected to nature, with the collective desire of respect in the use and enjoyment of the environment, present in the daily life of our community.


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We are a family owned firm founded in the 80s, as part of the daily life of one of the most charming environments of the Valencian Countryside. We match our global vision with a good local knowledge, to build a reputation and credibility recognized from the moment that first opened in 1973 (--- read more ->).
Within the passing years and cause the changing consumer habits, we have has been adapting to the real requirements and this is the aim of the new guidance throughout 2015 will be evident. As usual, the final word on this new step, the have you, so welcome your instructions and suggestions.

Getting on this way ....

... we have contributed to the popular habits with Estefanía reading, writing and mathematics with Rubio, several generations fun with Bruguera, Disney, Escobar or Grimms, distributed hundreds of thousands of euros to lotteries, but mostly, just as them, we have been adapting to changes and preferences of our friends and customers, and this will be continued.

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